• Arzu Jamilova

Would I ever consider changing my mind about the relocation to the United States?

We went through many difficulties and overcame many challenges in the recent three and a half years. Our dreams are coming true. We are happy to be able to live, work and grow professionally in the United States in our specialty area. We learn new skills, gain new experiences and improve our English every day.

I learned about many creative ways to find and attract candidates, improved my phone interviewing skills, learned using cutting-edge sourcing and recruiting technologies. In Azerbaijan all the companies were mainly located in the capital city Baku, and I used to hire mainly in one city. When I started providing recruiting services in the United States, I had to learn hiring across the states. Once I even had to recruit internationally and found employees for the US companies’ offices in Sydney and Amsterdam. Talking and interviewing the candidates in Australia and Europe was fascinating and helped me become familiar with the specifics of the European and Australian labor markets.

We are happy here. We miss our family and friends in Azerbaijan but met new friends here among Americans and immigrants who came here following their American Dream. People are very friendly and outgoing here. We made friends with people of almost all nationalities around the world.

Everything is organized and simple in the United States. There are laws and rules. This is an ideal place for those who want to develop and advance in their careers.

Compared to schools in Azerbaijan, there are less exams in schools in the US. The educational purpose of schools in US is to make them understand that every effort toward achieving results is important. This is one of the most important reasons why I enjoy my stay in the US so much. Elementary, middle and high schools in Azerbaijan heavily exam-driven which is really not good for overall development of children. There's a lot of memorizing and test preparation. The last 3 years of high school is just a 3-year long exam preparation class for the university entrance exam. My kids enjoy their student life in the United States. It is easy to observe how schools in the US help children get ready for adult life.

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