• Arzu Jamilova

Why you need to prepare your E-2 application yourself

For your E-2 application you need to write a cover letter that would explain to the U.S. government how you meet the E-2 visa requirements, write a business plan for the E-2 Enterprise, prepare supporting documentation to the statements you made in the cover letter and the business plan, complete Form DS-160 (if applying through a Consulate) or Form I-129 (if applying through USCIS).

You might want to consider hiring an attorney to help with the process. However, finding a trusted attorney might take long, especially, when searching from the outside of the United States. Choosing a good attorney can be difficult and requires having relevant knowledge about the E-2 Visa process. Additionally, good attorneys are usually extremely busy and expensive. You will need to wait weeks or even months before you get an appointment to discuss your case and it may cost you $6,000 and higher.

Even if you hire an attorney, you will need to prepare the supporting documents yourself, and the attorney will only prepare the cover letter based on the information and documents provided by you. As an entrepreneur you know better than anyone about your business! You can get your E-2 status quicker than anyone else will do it for you!

If you are still concerned because you can do something wrong and your application will be rejected, then you can prepare your documents yourself and submit them to an attorney for a review only! If you do so, you can pay for less attorney hours and save your money!

You are not required by USCIS to have a lawyer when applying for an E-2 visa or E-2 status extension. You can find answers to all of your questions about the E-2 Visa on the USCIS web site.

Consider doing it yourself and save your time and money! Going through the process will bring you unique experience! You will enjoy it!

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