• Arzu Jamilova

How E-2 Visa Lab can help with your business immigration to the United States

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

I received my E-2 Visa in 2016 through the U.S. Consulate in Azerbaijan and then successfully extended my E-2 status in the United States through USCIS in 2018.

I prepared both the initial E-2 visa application and the application for an extension of E-2 status myself and think that you can do it yourself too.

While working on my E-2 Visa application I was very frustrated because the online resources were very limited. I wanted to see real examples of E-2 applications including cover letters and business plans, but I could not find any.

When my application was approved, I decided to create the E2 Visa Lab web site and share everything I learned when going through the process on this website. I think my web site can help other applicants prepare their E-2 petitions. On this website you can find the documents which I prepared when going through the application process. I spent over 500 work hours preparing my application. The documents will help you prepare your application when applying for an E-2 Visa for the first time through a Consulate and also when extending the E-2 status through USCIS!

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