• Arzu Jamilova

Relocation to the US was nerve-racking.

The problems that we had to face when moving here.

Settling in was nerve-racking but exciting. We had to do a lot of things. First of all, we had to find a place to live and lease it. If you want to lease an apartment in the US, you have to sign a lease agreement for a year. You can sign for 6 months or less too but at a higher price compared to the annual lease fee. Other than this, you have to pass a tenant background check, which usually reviews your criminal history, credit report, and proof of income as well as eviction and employment histories. We were new to the United States and had no of such history. You have to pay for the homeowners’ insurance once you are accepted as a tenant by the landlord.

We had to find a school for the kids. In order for the kids to be accepted to school you should provide immunization records and proof of leasing or owning a house at nearby to the school locations.

We had to buy furniture and household goods, get the social security numbers, buy healthcare insurance. The cities are far apart in the United States and you must have a car. We bought a car, and I had to learn how to drive, get a driving license and car insurance. If you don’t have health and car insurance, you have to pay penalties. Other than paying the penalties, it is difficult to get a medical

We had to get used to the local climate. Seattle is a rainy city. It rains here from October till May. Summers are chilly.

My husband had to search for a job. He had to learn how to write a resume that meet the local requirements and learn how to interview with recruiters. We had to make new friends and learn to speak and understand the American accent.

Developing the company was my highest priority. I attended all the business networking events, conferences, and luncheons during first two years and realized there is a lot for me to learn to understand the local recruiting industry and recruiting practices. I became a member to recruiting communities such as the North-West Recruiting Association and Top Echelon. The competition is very high in the recruiting and staffing industry in the United States. It made almost impossible for me to find direct clients for my company. For this reason, I decided to offer my services to large and established recruiting and staffing companies in the United States and the Greater Seattle Area. During the past 3,5 years I partnered with a few global and local recruiting companies and was able to find many talented candidates to companies like Expedia, Amazon, Microsoft, GoDaddy, Skykick, Esri, Heinz-Kraft and many others.

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